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Special Project at Parijat Academy

In the past few months, Parijat Academy has initiated a campaign to raise

funds to upgrade an existing dormitory for 20 boys who help take care of the

70+ students living at Parijat Academy. The proposed new building will include

a bathroom, study space, ceiling fans and beds, and will provide shelter from

the monsoonal rain season and warmth in the colder months. The students

have said they are extremely excited at the prospect of being able to keep the

rain out and stay dry!

The boys dormitory at Parijat Academy in Assam, India
The current boys dormitory at Parijat academy to be replaced

In their time outside of study, the boys of Parijat Academy look after their fellow

students, helping to prepare daily meals and assisting school staff. They love

to play sports whenever they have the opportunity, and make the 4 hour trek

as often as they can to visit their community in the Garbhanga Forest region

of Assam, helping out with whatever is needed.

The total cost of the dormitory is $13,000 AUD and Australind is contributing

$10,000. We are actively raising the remaining $3,000.00 AUD so the dormitory

can be completed before the wet season commences in November.

If you would like to donate to this project, please see our Donate page here for details. All donations over $2.00 AUD are tax deductible.

Follow the official Australind Childrens Fund Facebook page or Instagram for regular updates on this fundraiser!


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