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Covid-19 Update - May 2020

The past few months have been an uncertain and difficult time around the world, as we collectively respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. In India, a nation-wide lockdown has been in place since late March and was recently extended until the end of May. In April, children at Prema Vasam lit earthen lamps together to participate in a National Vigil held for 9 minutes at 9pm to combat the virus.

Children at Prema Vasam light earthen lamps
Children at Prema Vasam light earthen lamps to fight against Covid-19.

Selvyn, Mumtaj, and Indra send messages of sincere thanks for the continued support from Australind Childrens Fund during this time.

Mumtaj sent a message last week reassuring us that, as an essential service, Prema Vasam has been able to get fresh supplies of vegetables and fresh fruit from the local market, and Selvyn has said that getting supplies of rice and other essentials has been okay. Prema Vasam recently celebrated mothers day, nurses day, and Prems birthday in spite of the lockdowns.

Selvyn recently visited Prem Illam with supplies of fresh vegetables and fruit, and Indra was pleased to share the news of another harvest at the organic farm in early March this year,

along with some words of comfort and encouragement.


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