Updated: Apr 24

In January this year, Prema Vasam and Prem Ilam celebrated another successful rice harvest at the organic farm. Just in time to celebrate this year's traditional Pongal festival!

A small group of people stand and smile in front of a large harvestor in a field. They are holding a bundle of rice plants that have already been harvested.

Selvyn Roy from Prema Vasam said

"A couple of days ago, the other portion of paddy field was harvested. It is a pleasant surprise to get a plentiful good harvest … This time, the "Mapilli Samba" rice, one of the traditional varieties, has yielded one and half ton of paddy. Though it took a longer time comparing with the other varieties, it gave a good result.

Indra and the students at Prem Ilam are looking forward to the construction of a new Dairy at Prem Illam Girls home. Site preparations are already underway, with construction to start soon.

A large backhoe is preparing the ground for the construction of a building. Two cows look on from a nearby shed.