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Letters from India - Organic Farming Project

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Feeling so grateful and blessed to write you this email with great news that we have leased an agricultural land to do farming near Prem Illam.  As you are aware, it was a big dream of us all to have land to do organic farming, but at the same time buying land is very expensive and we recently got a chance to lease a land for three years. Last week on Sunday I visited the land and liked it very much, the place looks so fertile and green.      

Selvyn, Mumtaj and Mary also visited the land and all of us are very pleased and one of our good friends Subbu who is a well known organic farmer in Tamil nadu, fortunately he is staying in a village close to Prem Illam, he promised to give his valuable advice and support on organic farming.  To begin with we have decided to do paddy in the two acres of land. 

This agricultural land is of 2 acres of land which has a good source of water (two open well) and it is very close to the lake in Sirunallur and one and a half kilometre distance from Prem Illam, the person who owns the land is a physically challenged and hardworking man, he is so kind enough to lend us the land for three years, we have paid him 2 lakh rupees. Thank you so much for your financial support, it is because of your support we were able to pay him and venture in this noble journey of farming.     

With our mentor's advice we have sowed the paddy seeds today.  We consider this as an historical event in the history of Prema Vasam, we are very grateful and thank you so much for making it possible through your financial support and encouragement.




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